The CrossFit Open is in full swing – and with 2 WODs down and 18.3 on the horizon, we don’t know about you but we’re starting to feel the effects of these challenging workouts here at Team Tear Care.

With this in mind, we caught up with athlete, coach and owner of CrossFit Pen Y Bont, Alex Evans, to find out his top tips for maximising the CrossFit Open experience, no matter what your fitness level or experience. From prepping and recovery to the WOD essentials, he’s got your next Open workout covered…

Before and after each session, prep your hands with warm soapy water – it helps with the elasticity of the skin

Get Rid of Calluses
Shave them down. Calluses don’t actually make your hands tougher – they just give a more direct point to tear from

Sleep is one of the biggest tools for recovery – take time to actually switch off, put your phone down and relax

You can only go so far running on adrenaline. Don’t get caught up so much in The Open that you don’t eat! Though the mixture of both mental and physical stress can result in you skipping meals, make sure you make time for some good grub!

Have Fun
Keep in mind that 99% of athletes won’t make it further than the open. Stay real, stay humble, work hard and have as much fun as you can

Use Tear Care!
Massaging this hand balm in before going to bed is a great way to chill out after a day of heavy training and makes a big difference to my hands – even when they’re sore from day-to-day WODs, and not just ripped

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