The COVID-19 hand washing gudiliens are a big deal for everyone right now. But for NHS workers on the font line it’s even more crucial.

Although it’s absolutely necessary; increased hand washing and alcohol-based sanitiser use can take its toll on the hands of those whose help we need most throughout this pandemic. 

We’ve had lots of NHS staff reach out to us asking if we can provide some relief for their sore hands. The answer is ‘yes’ – and we’ve already donated 100 packages of Tear Care to hospital departments across Wales. But now we need you to help us meet the growing demand.  

We need you to help us meet the growing demand for Tear Care among our NHS heroes 

Our intensive balm is already in high demand among NHS staff – but now you can help heal and protect the hands of a nurse, doctor, paramedic or other valuable healthcare professional whose hands-on role is critical to successfully beating this pandemic. 

What can you do? 

We’ve set up a dedicated GoFundMe campaign that lets donate a pot of our healing hand balm to a hands-on NHS hero working on the front line for just £10.

That’s right – £10. No strings attached – your straight-up cash will directly provide one NHS hero with their very own pot of Tear Care balm, and we’ll also donate the remaining £2.99 retail value of each and every pot. 

With powerful ingredients to protect, prevent and heal the effects of harsh hand washing and sanitiser gels – you’ll help the very hands looking after our nation.

Click here to visit our dedicated GoFundMe page to donate