Tear Care is the brainchild of a couple of hard-working fitness fans who were tired of the toll that lifting weights, manual work and everyday labour took on their hands.

They scoured the market high and low for a treatment that would soothe and protect their mitts, but, very much like Goldilocks, they found that all suggested treatments were too oily, too creamy, too fussy, too irritating (we have sensitive skin, don’t you know) or just plain didn’t work.

So, adding to the dry, sore, callus-laden and cracked state of their hands was a maximum dose of frustration. Until, one day, they decided to take it upon themselves to create (translation: befriend some lovely scientists and health experts) the ultimate solution.

The treatment brief was simple: it would need to step up on the moisturising pedestal to help relieve those hands and provide temporary protection against rashes, dry, chapped and cracked skin, callouses, minor cuts and burns and pretty much all manner of mild skin irritations. Oh, and it would need to help speed up the whole healing process, too. We’re the impatient type.

Working with our white coat-wearing, lab-based experts, we combined beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree and manuka honey (simple and natural ingredients known for their healing and protecting powers) to create Tear Care: a skin conditioning balm that’s most effective when applied at night and left to work its magic while you catch some z’s!

Need a little extra TLC? We found that some skins were more sensitive than others, so, we went back to the lab and shunned the tea tree and added vitamin E (which acts as an antioxidant that’s known for protecting cell membranes to promote healthy skin, don’t you know?) to create a milder version of our original Tear Care that’s suitable for babies, toddlers and you wonderful folks with sensitive skin.