WOW! This stuff is MAGIC! The hole (tear) in my hand disappeared in just 3 days! PS I’m not affiliated with these guys at all. If you haven’t got any, grab a pot and keep it in your gym bag, just in case!
Rob Walker, CrossFit Masters Athlete and Owner, CrossFit Oswestry


This pocketsize tin contains an amazing product for your beaten up and sore hands from the rig or barbell! Have 3 pots of it in various bags so I am never without. Goes a long way and rehydrated and soothes. Definitely recommend.
– Griffin70
Thank you Tear Care for helping and curing my hands… I used it for my hands when I ripped them doing pull ups… So good!
– Alex Donovan, Athlete and Yogability Founder
I look after my hands every day to make sure they don’t rip… Luckily I have my Tear Care balm ready to make a quick recovery
– Rhi Pearson, CrossFit Athlete
Tear Care… Exactly what my little oaws need after a week of gymnastics and Nate this morning
– Natalie Morrison
I can’t remember why I chose this product……… probably because it mentioned it can be used for lips, which made me think it was safe to use at the corners of my mouth which get very sore in the winter when the skin cracks. I’ve previously used Vaseline and E45 cream but neither have eliminated the cracking. I’ve used Tear Care for a month now, morning and night, and so far I’ve not had any cracking. I’m very pleased. If I can go a whole winter in comfort I’ll be buying several tins just in case it becomes hard to find. Thank you Tear Care team
– Tom Finding
I have spent a fortune on hand care products over the years, I work in a very dirty and sweaty environment which means my hands take a lot of abuse which causes them to be rough, crack and smell. This balm seems to last for ever and doesn’t have the sticky or slippery residue that most hand creams do where I have to wave my hands around for 5 minutes after I put it on. My hands are much softer and the sweaty smell is masked by the menthol in Tearcare, my girlfriend hasn’t said my hands are like sweat smelling sandpaper for a while now. While this isn’t cheap it will out last and seriously out perform a £3.00 tub of Nivea which I now think of as white kebab grease! Excellent product, very impressed with the results.
– David (Dease) Owen, Equipment Manager at Manchester Storm
Early days as I only purchased Tear Care a week or so back. Seems good so far, you don’t need a lot so although the tin is small it should last for a decent amount of time. Great back-up support to from the seller.
– Bandage99
This stuff was brilliant. I workout and suffer from torn hands. A friend recommended it to me and it really helps with recovery to get back training quicker. I will be back to buy again soon. Thanks guys great product
– Amazon customer
Decent kit bag essential. Used Tear Care to improve hand surface and prevent / heal some calluses. Can feel the difference in hands after a few days of using
– Iain
Heard about this new product through word of mouth. Really impressed so far. Smells sporty like deep heat and moisturises hands well without being too sticky. Hands seem to recover quicker from weight lifting damage. A little goes a long way as well. Top product – well done guys.
– Dr G. H. Roberts
As an athlete I can’t have dry, ripped up hands affect my performance. Using Tear Care, my hands recover overnight so that I can preform everyday. This has made a huge difference in how good my hands feel, thanks Tear Care!!!
– Jake Morissette, Captain, Cardiff Devils
Thanks you Tear Care for the skin care balm. Just what I needed for these hard working hands. As soft as a baby’s bum now… 🙂 
– Gareth Davies, Rugby Player, Llanelli Scarlets and Wales
As a keen crossfitter, I was recommended this product by a friend, and it’s absolutely amazing! My hands rip quite often when training, I take the skin straight off, and rub tear care into it. Use over night also, and I don’t have any pain on new rips!
– Amazon customer
Am using the Super soft version and brilliant on my dry calloused hands after toes to bar and pull ups. Not had any tears to test it up but noticed the difference in my hands as been using a little nightly. Smell pleasant too and not medicine at all. Look less battered than my friend’s and feel so soft. Vicky has been amazing too and her customer service is second to none. Thanks again Vicky and can’t recommend tear care any higher.
– June Atkins
This product is really great. It heals ripped crossfit hands within a few days, smells great and is not sticky to touch. I use it on chapped lips as well and it’s very effective. Highly recommend!
– Amazon customer
Not just for workout hands. I’m a domestic cleaner by trade and have very dry cracked hands, this product has brought them back to life and I’ve tried countless creams, smells great too! Will definitely be buying again.
– Mandy
Bought for daughter who suffers from dry chapped lips. Think she has tried every preparation on the market and this works! Soothed and healed quickly and she still applies regularly and has not complained of any discomfort since
– Angela H
New product for me – am very impressed so far, am using it for chapped lips, as a balm and have already found a difference after only a few days.
– Margaret Allgood
Helps a lot after a bouldering session to moisturise my skin and prevent cracks.
– Ivaylo Boicov
Amazing product! For over 6 months I’ve had a very painful split lip that kept on splitting when I smiled. I tried almost everything. This product fixed it in 1 week! Couldn’t be happier!!!!!
Will definitely being purchasing more!!!!
– Angela Oldland